Dr. Marcu’s laboratory investigates applications of fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy and imaging techniques along with other imaging modalities such as ultrasound and optical coherence tomography for to decipher biochemical and morphological changes in biological tissue in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo. The lab has also developed novel methods to process images from optical signals.





Current Reasearch Focus

The work in our laboratory is highly translatable and targets several clinical areas including but not limited to (a) intravascular diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis), (b) intraoperative delineation of tumor margins (brain, head and neck, breast), and (c) non-destructive assessment of engineered tissues such as cartilage, bone, and vascular grafts.


Guiding Treatment and Study of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

We research the development of an intravascular bi-modal technology for diagnosis of arterial wall pathologies including rupture-prone (vulnerable) atherosclerotic plaques


Intraoperative Delineation of Tumor Resection Margins

Our lab is developing fluorescence lifetime techniques that have potential to resolve distinct types of tumors from the surrounding normal tissue during surgical interventions


Tissue engineering applications

Optical and acoustic imaging techniques perform fast, non-destructive measurements on a range of engineered tissues, providing critical feedback on the progress of the sample maturation.



Wine and food applications

Beyond biomedical engineering, fluorescence lifetime imaging finds applications in food sciences. Wine has specific fluorescence signatures that make it a good candidate for FLIm exploration.


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