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Optical Spectroscopy and Ultrasound for disease diagnosis

Research in our laboratory is focused on promoting better diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of human diseases through advancements in biophotonics technology – a field at the interface of physical sciences, engineering, biology, and medicine. Our research projects target research for the development of optical spectroscopy and imaging techniques for medical diagnostics and integration of these techniques in multimodal tissue diagnostic platforms including high-frequency ultrasound technologies. We explore the relationship between tissue pathology and measured optical and ultrasound responses. Many of our studies are conducted in close collaboration with clinical departments (various surgical departments, otolaryngology, cardiology, and pathology). Our work is supported in part by several National Institutes of Health research grants.

Our research focus can also be seen in a book co-edited by Dr. Marcu has been published titled “Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy and Imaging: Principles and Applications in Biomedical Diagnostics.”

Dr. Laura Marcu writes about how she uses fluoresence lifetime imaging microscopy to help surgeons delineate the margins of tumors. Read article …

Project Highlights – Photonics Media Light Matters Extra: Taking Photonics Innovations from the Lab to the Operating Room … Full video clips


The inaugural Summer School under the auspice of the Jena-Davis Alliance of Excellence in Biophotonics (JEDIS) will take place in  UC Davis, Alumni Center, August, 25-30, 2019. Ten JEDIS Summer School scholarships (~ $2,300 each) are available and will be awarded to graduate students and early career postdoctoral researchers at UC Davis conducting research or interested in clinical applications of biophotonics. Deadline for applications: June 30, 2019. The registration is available online: www.je-dis.org/events-2

upcoming seminars and workshops.

Haudenschild AK, Sherlock BE, Zhou X, Hu JC, Leach JK, Marcu L, Athanasiou KA. 
Non-destructive detection of matrix stabilization correlates with enhanced mechanical properties of self-assembled articular cartilage. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2019 Feb 15. doi: 10.1002/term.2824. [Epub ahead of print] PMID:30770656


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